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DUI Penalties

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Once convicted of a DUI, you are sentenced with a series of penalties you are required to fulfill. Common penalties include; jail time, fines, probation, ignition interlock, traffic school, counseling, SR22 insurance, community service and MADD Impact Panels.

Things that Matter:


  • Most penalties have a strict timeline.
  • Know what you need before initiating any single requirement; if you start something before you are eligible, it will not count toward your requirements.
  • Make sure the provider of your service, such as ignition interlock, traffic school or other service, is approved by the court or state. Find qualified providers via MyDUISolution Marketplace.

Helpful Hint:

Create a timeline or calendar, tracking your required penalties will save you time, money and frustration.

Research, compare and review service providers.

What’s Next?

Find an attorney.
Get financing.
Find insurance coverage.
Find an ignition interlock company.
Find a DUI traffic school.