4 Things You Need to Know About DUI Penalties

March 23, 2018

If you have had misfortune of being ticketed or convicted of a DUI there are many thoughts flying through your head, and usually at the top of everyone’s list is “what are my penalties going to be and how much do they cost?”

This article highlights 4 things you need to know about DUI Penalties.


  • Timing with your DUI penalties is extremely important and paying close attention to this one thing can potentially save you lots of time and money.
  • If you start a penalty to soon there is a chance the time you did won’t count and you’ll have to start again. Example: In some States, if you install your Ignition Interlock Device before you are eligible for License Reinstatement none of the time with the device will count until you reinstate.
  • Many States suspend your Driving Privileges as early as 10 days after the arrest, often you’ll find you can delay the suspension start date by filing a hearing with the Administrative Law Court for the Motor Vehicle Division in your State.
  • You should take a moment and create a timeline and appointment calendar for your entire DUI from arrest to the finish line of your DUI penalties. Doing this will help you in many ways throughout your DUI Process and ultimately will save you time, money and stress.
  • Missing appointments during your DUI Process usually have a fee or penalty much like a doctor’s office. With how hectic your schedule becomes with all the additional time requirements a DUI brings it is easy to double book your schedule, which will lead to more expenses.


  • Having your finances budgeted and in order will not only reduce your stress through this extremely stressful process but this will also save you money throughout the process.
  • Most providers will give a decent discount for paying your services in full, sometimes up to a 20% saving can be accomplished.
  • It is advised that even if you have enough funds you should secure financing for your DUI before dipping into your savings, or asking friends and family for a loan. Getting financing early on can be crucial because once you have a DUI on your record there is always the possibility of losing your employment and financial Institutions prefer lending to someone who has money and is gainfully employed.
  • Why is this all important, because DUI expenses can be unexpectedly large, crammed together all at once and not work with cash flow or other plans and not being able to cover the cost can result in an increased total expense because usually your penalties are consecutive and if you stop a penalty at any point you usually have to start said penalty over again.

Picking Providers

  • Picking the Providers that are right for you, will probably be one of the most important things you do for the success of each penalty you are sentenced.
  • Not all Providers are the same, and you have options. Do yourself a favor and compare at least three providers for every service you need. Occasionally the State or sentencing jurisdiction will pick one provider to perform services, but it is very rare.
  • Price does not matter near as much as you might think! Just because a Provider is cheaper does not necessarily make them the most cost-effective choice and just because they are priced high does not make them the highest quality. People picking provider solely on price is not advised, you should look deeper into what they are offering holistically and make the right decision based on that.
  • Reviews are difficult to gauge because you only see the extremes which are not the majority because often people don’t review their Providers because they would prefer not making their DUI more publicly known.

Why this all matters

  • Everyone who starts their penalties has the intention to complete them, however, studies show that less than half of people convicted of a DUI complete their penalties and get to the finish line.
  • People who complete their Penalties and get to the finish line only have an 8% likelihood of ever getting another DUI, but people who don’t complete have a 28% likelihood of repeating this mistake. You are 3.5 times less likely to ever go through this again by completing your Penalties.
  • Knowing and tracking the timing of events and penalties, having your finances budgeted and in order and picking the right provider for your needs will define what side of the fence you end up on and will make your DUI less expensive and stressful.
  • MyDUISolution was created with the mission of getting you to the finish line of your penalties and help you to the group that is 3.5 times less likely to repeat. We were Providers in the DUI Industry for decades and got sick of seeing people being taken advantage of, just to be pushed into a group with a much higher chance of doing it all again. It was a time for change so we got out of the industry and created the Country’s only free advocacy for someone with a DUI. Our mission is your success, you are our client and we are here to lend a helping hand through this incredibly punitive situation.