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Bail Bonds

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With certain DUIs you may be required to “post bail.”

DUI bail amounts range between $500 and $50,000 – depending on the type of DUI and if you have a past criminal record. Amounts and rates are typically set at the state level. Get financing arranged quickly.

Things that Matter:

  • PR Bond- The court takes your word for it that you will appear in court and you are not required to pay any money. This type of bond is rare.
  • Cash Bond- You are required to pay, but will get the money back if you appear in court. The money is forfeited if you fail to appear in court.
  • Surety Bond- This is the most common type of bond. A bondsman pledges to pay the bail amount if you do not appear in court; you pay a bail premium (usually a percentage of the total bail).

Helpful Hints:

Most jails have a list of acceptable bondsmen or your lawyer will know bondsmen the court will accept.

Know exactly how much you will be paying the bondsman to prevent financial compliance issues that could land you back in jail.

A word of caution: In some states, failing to show up in court (“bail jumping”) means you forfeit your bond. Bail jumping is its own offense – added to the DUI ticketing.

What’s Next?

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