DUI Lawyer

When you have been charged with a DUI and are considering whether you need to be represented by a private attorney, the answer is always yes. You are 66% more likely to have a DUI case dismissed or penalties reduced with a DUI lawyer than without.


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Find an attorney quickly. Use the MyDUISolution Marketplace to arrange 2-3 free consultations with experienced DUI attorneys to know exactly what your DUI defense may cost.

What You Need To Know


  • A DUI lawyer can assist in understanding the many options, rules and restrictions to minimize the damaging impact.
  • DUI lawyers may assist you in setting aside or expunging your conviction, as well as advise you about other strategies to minimize the lifelong impact of a DUI conviction.
  • Make sure you understand your attorney’s fee structure and know exactly what they will charge you, to eliminate any financial surprises at the end.
  • Keep any necessary documents and information ready to help cut down on your attorney’s billable hours.
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