Does a DUI Affect Financial Aid?

February 9, 2018

In Arizona, DUIs can be given for driving under the influence of either alcohol or drugs. If a student gets a DUI for alcohol, student aid is most likely not affected. On the other hand, if a student gets a DUI for drug influence and drugs are found in the car at the time of arrest, student financial aid is compromised.

Whether a student is enrolled in classes or applying for aid, the application will ask about drug convictions; confirmation of a drug offense will affect the ability to receive aid.

Let’s take a look frequently asked questions pertaining to DUIs and student funding.

If I receive a DUI before the age of 18, will it hold me back from receiving financial aid?

There are a few exceptions to DUI loans standards, such as age. If the offense is on the student’s record prior to age 18, it is highly unlikely to count against financial funding acceptance.

What can I do if I’ve lost my aid because of a drug offense?

If you are at risk of losing student loans because of a drug possession conviction, there are ways to avoid the loss. Most students can keep their funding if they enroll in a drug rehabilitation program that the governing body considers acceptable. Programs typically include two random drug tests, are qualified to receive federal funding and/or is held by federal or state licensed facility or agency.

Does a DUI affect my current financial aid?

Depending on your current financial aid providers, a DUI could affect your current loan situation. Funding from the state varies according to state rules, so it’s best to work with a provider who can guide you through your state’s rules. If your funding is from the federal government through FAFSA, a DUI conviction will not be held against you. FAFSA only asks for convictions tied to drug possession and sales. If your DUI was related to drugs, then it’s possible to lose current funding.

If I get a DUI, will it affect my application for a scholarship?

Scholarship and general admission applications can both ask for a list of misdemeanor convictions, which depending on your state, might include a DUI. Be transparent about your conviction, it’s better to be upfront and evaluated fairly than to have admission revoked after the fact.

DUI charges do not always affect a student’s application for scholarship or admission, but they are considered during the application evaluation. If space is left to explain the context of your DUI and you have a compelling story, share it with the admissions board.

Will a DUI get me kicked out of college?

A DUI first offense is unlikely to result in student expulsion, but it might affect standings in clubs or organizations. Honor codes at universities tend to forbid criminal activity, which a DUI qualifies as in most states.

If you get arrested for a DUI, seek legal counsel immediately and find providers whose services you need in your case. As a student on or in hope of student financial aid, it is your responsibility to communicate your current standing at university and that you have potentially jeopardized aid. Experienced lawyers or teams will walk you through the process and do everything they can to ensure your continued education. To browse an extensive list of qualified providers for DUI financial aid, check out MyDUISolution.