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Behavioral screening is mandatory and is conducted by a behavioral health professional or technician. The suggestion for treatment is based entirely on the information and screening results.

Potential requirements may include: attending a medical detox program, outpatient alcohol recovery program, an inpatient alcohol recovery program and/or a community support group (AA).

Things that Matter:

  • Most counseling agencies perform the screening, although they do not have to be the same company.
  • You will be asked to disclose any information relating to your history with alcohol use and any prior related incidents.
  • Most states require the counseling programs to be certified for DUI penalty.

Helpful Hints:

Choose a service approved for treatment for DUIs.

Your legal counsel may ask you to voluntarily enroll in a certified rehabilitation program before your scheduled court date. This will provide your attorney with information to help plead your case, which may result in a less serious sentence.

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