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Being convicted of a DUI charge carries a very large price tag.  First offenses can cost upwards of $10,000 or more. Bail, towing, defense attorney, court fines, interlock device, transportation, license reinstatement fees, increased insurance premiums and more all add up quickly.


Things that Matter:

  • Be proactive, rather than relying on rumor and hearsay, find out what the minimum sentencing requirements are for your charge and price out those costs. Know what YOUR DUI might cost, not what someone else spent some time ago. 
  • DUI requirements are meant to be completed in a timely manner. If their cost causes a delay or failure to complete a step, you may have to repeat a step or serve a requirement longer, all at an increased cost!  If you think you may need money, secure financing quickly. Putting off payments will only drag out the process ultimately causing a costlier DUI.
  • Car insurance rates will likely skyrocket and the conviction may stay on your driving record up to 10 years.


Helpful Hints:

Ask providers if they offer payment in full discounts, many such as legal and ignition interlock do.  These discounts could be cheaper than financing costs.  Obtain quotes for all services and apply for needed funds to see what your total costs might be.  Secure financing before a DUI conviction affects your credit and financial standing, making it far more difficult to secure funds.

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