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Having the right defense strategy can immensely impact the outcome of your DUI case. The personal, financial and professional impacts of your DUI conviction can be extremely detrimental. Understanding the process and developing the right strategy to approach your case is important to limit the amount of damage caused by the conviction. Seek experienced legal counsel that will develop the right strategy for your case. Many represent themselves if they plan to plead guilty and are satisfied with potentially taking the most extreme punishment for the DUI.  Hiring a lawyer may be expensive, but limiting the jail time, penalties and fines can save money.

Things that Matter:

Court-appointed Public Defenders are not always free.

Mandatory minimum sentences are just that, minimum sentence requirements.

Most legal representatives will provide a free consultation to determine the appropriateness of defense (plea vs. aggressive defense/trial) and fees.


Helpful Hints:

In most jurisdictions, legal fees are not standard; interview several attorneys before selecting or ruling out private legal representation.  Keep in mind that the lawyer’s fees will rack up quickly as they charge per hour, so keep everything (your ticket, a copy of your insurance, registration, driver’s license, etc.) organized.
Consider Financing for your DUI before your savings start to deplete.

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