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Understanding the process, developing the right strategy to approach your case and limiting the amount of damage caused by the potential conviction is important.

Hiring a DUI lawyer may be expensive, but limiting the jail time, penalties and fines can save money in the long run.

Things that Matter:

  • Court appointed Public Defenders are not always free.
  • Mandatory minimum sentences are just that, minimum requirements.
  • Most DUI lawyers will provide a free consultation to determine the most appropriate defense (plea vs. aggressive defense/trial) and fees.


Helpful Hints:

In most jurisdictions, legal fees are not standard; interview several DUI/DWI attorneys before selecting legal representation. Keep in mind, the lawyer’s fees will add up quickly so keep your ticket, a copy of your insurance, registration, driver’s license, etc. well organized.

Consider financing your DUI before you deplete your resources.

What’s Next?

Find the best DUI lawyer.
Get financing.