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Auto Insurance

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It is not uncommon for increased insurance premiums to be the most expensive cost of a DUI.  Rate increases often remain in place for 3 to 7 years after DUI conviction.  This makes Auto Insurance one of the most important items related to a DUI situation. 

Things that Matter:

  • For a period of three to five years, most insurance companies will not cover a driver with a DUI conviction, even if they have been a long-time client with a great prior driving record.
  • Many states require an insurance rider, known as an SR-22, as proof that you have the minimum amount of liability insurance. The rider is filed separately for license reinstatement and likely required for a few years.  It may or may not be issued by your current insurance provider. 

Helpful Hint:

Before you contact your existing insurance provider, speak with and obtain quotes from an insurance provider specializing in DUI. You don’t want to have your existing coverage dropped or raised beyond affordability unexpectedly without alternatives lined up.

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