Can you get a DUI on a Scooter?

March 18, 2019

So, you had a little too much to drink and know you have no business driving yourself home. And maybe you think the responsible option would be to rent a motorized scooter?

Think again. As your DUI attorney will tell you, just because it doesn’t take gas and can operate on a sidewalk, does not make a scooter exempt from DUI laws.

While many times these instances will often just land you a public intoxication ticket, the fact a scooter is motorized means you can get a DUI.


What does the law say about scooters?

California law states that driving any motorized vehicle under the influence of alcohol can result in a DUI. This includes scooters.

In California, it is illegal to operate a vehicle of any kind with a blood-alcohol content of .08 or higher. However, there is no minimum blood-alcohol level for determining the intoxication of a scooter rider. So, it is left to a police officer to determine if you’re too impaired.

But while an officer will seize your driver’s license during a DUI arrest, scooter riders are not at risk of losing their license.

Most importantly, in order to better understand this law, talk to a trusted and knowledgeable DUI attorney like Zach McCready, one of only 62 criminal law specialists in LA County, he was a former police officer-turned-lawyer so he understands the law. He is a highly experienced DUI attorney in California who will make sure your rights were not violated during any arrest or investigation.


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Know the details about scooters

Remember, riding a bicycle or scooter requires that the driver still be able to react to other traffic, pedestrians, or road hazards.  And interestingly enough, the scooter doesn’t even need to be on for the rider to get a DUI. Even coasting down a sidewalk could land you in jail.

Driving anything while impaired not only raises your risk of DUI but puts your safety at risk too. Scooters seem harmless, fun and very convenient but if you have been drinking, stay far away from them.

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