DUI Penalties

Once convicted of a DUI, you are sentenced with a series of penalties you must fulfill. Common dui punishments include jail time, home detention, fines, probation, work releaseignition interlock, traffic schoolalcohol screening / counselingSR22 insurance, community service and MADD Victim Impact Panels.

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What You Need To Know

  • Financial penalties have a strict timeline. Secure financing before a DUI conviction affects your credit and financial standing.
  • Pay attention to timing before initiating any single requirement. If you start something before you are eligible, it will not count toward your requirements.
  • Make sure the provider of your service (such as ignition interlock, traffic school or other service) is approved by the court or state. Find qualified providers in the MyDUISolution Marketplace.
  • Create a timeline or calendar. Tracking your required penalties will save you time, money and frustration.
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