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Reputation Restoration

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Your personal arrest records, including your mug shot, may remain online indefinitely. Lawyers and restoration professionals may be able to minimize the impact of a DUI to your reputation. Your financial credit may also take a hit. DUI lawyers and other reputation restoration services are available.

  1. Expungement is a legal process an attorney performs to eliminate your DUI records several years after the conviction. Expungement of a DUI is not allowed in all states.Some states allow for a conviction to be ‘set-aside’. This does not erase a conviction; it only delays the impact of some, or all, of the conviction requirements.
  2. Sealing a DUI record does not eliminate it like an expungement; rather it removes it from public view. It requires specific authority, such as a court order, to access the information.
  3. Through reputation restoration providers, you may have your online arrest records, including mug shots, scrubbed from the internet to maintain privacy.

Things that Matter:

  • The arresting agency’s public records policy usually determines how many websites will initially publish your arrest records. This can range from 1 to 17 or more websites.
  • Probation violations have a huge impact whether an attorney is able to have your formal records sealed or expunged.

Helpful Hints:

Most law firms and reputation restoration providers offer a flat rate price for both expungements and online arrest record removals. Ask for a fixed timeline on when the work will be done and what they are able to guarantee.

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