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The sentencing that follows your DUI conviction ultimately depends on the circumstances of your charges.   The severity and length of the penalties are determined by the specific conditions of your DUI charge.
Common penalties handed out during Sentencing include; Jail time, Home Detention, Fines, Probation, Work Release, Ignition Interlock, Traffic School, Alcohol Screening / Counselling, SR22 Insurance, Community Service and MADD Impact Panels.  Repeat DUI’s will face harsher punishments.


Things that Matter:

  • Having Legal Representation present during your DUI and Sentencing can play a large factor in the severity of each Penalty.
  • In most states, in addition to the level of convicted BAC, prior and personal injury and/or property damage, behavioral screening may play a large part in the sentencing of a DUI.


Helpful Hints:

Working with an experienced DUI attorney can be very beneficial when it comes to negotiating a plea bargain or pushing for a reduced sentence.
Make sure to take personal notes and understand all that is being required of you before you leave the court house. 

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