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Alcohol Monitoring

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Depending upon the level of charges and screening results, a DUI penalty may include alcohol &/or drug monitoring.  The monitoring may be required on a frequent or even continuous basis. Some probation conditions may require you to remain alcohol/drug-free for the duration of your sentence. In most cases, you will either be required to wear an alcohol monitoring anklet or blow into a home breathalyzer at set times to report your BAC to your probation officer.


Things that Matter:

  • You may be required to pay for the setup and daily costs associated with these services.
  • You may be required to meet regularly with your probation officer.


Helpful Hints:

The privilege of house detention and monitoring will allow you to work, attend school or other daily necessities that are deemed permissible by the court.

Tampering with the monitoring device, failing to provide a sample and drinking alcohol/taking prohibited substances are serious offenses that will result in more severe punishments or extended sentences.

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