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When facing a DUI charge you may find yourself asking if it is worth it to hire an attorney (private or public defender) to represent you through the process.  You do have the right to represent yourself as well as the right to a court appointed attorney (if you cannot afford to hire one).  However simple and straightforward your DUI charge may be, there are major benefits to having legal counsel present.  Without a lawyer, there is little to no chance of a dismissal or a lessor penalty being issued.  Minimum sentencing requirements are just that, minimum requirements, having legal counsel that understands all the options is important to insure you face the minimum requirements for your situation.  DUIs may be processed in a way to enable set aside and potential expungement, this can save you thousands over the years.  After all, the legal system is complicated and the consequences of a DUI are major, having a representative with your best interest as their responsibility can be crucial in avoiding complications with detrimental impact on you.


Things that Matter:

  • Understand all the penalties and fines associated with DUI charges in your state before pleading guilty.
  • There is a difference between Plea Bargaining and Sentence Bargaining
  • Often the DUI conviction process is multi-phased, understand all courts involved in your case before ruling out legal representation


Helpful Hints:

Attorneys often offer free consultations to discuss details of your situation, before deciding to represent yourself you should consider speaking with two or three attorneys.
Private DUI attorneys may be more affordable than you think.  Saving money by receiving a lesser sentence and requirements may pay for the attorney fee in itself. 

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