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How to help someone through DUI penalties

May 20, 2019

If your loved one has recently been arrested for a DUI, it can be very overwhelming for everyone involved. There are many unknowns including understanding the DUI charges, fines, court dates and license suspension.


You want to help them as much as possible. If you have never dealt with a DUI before, you may be wondering where to begin.


The first steps are the most overwhelming in a DUI.


There are so many questions and unknowns when first faced with a DUI. Help your family member by finding the answers.


The first step is finding a good DUI attorney. Look for a local attorney with experience specifically with DUIs. If your family member wants the moral support, offer to meet the attorney with them.


Then help them follow through with the steps the DUI attorney gives.


Search for education & treatment services in your area now!


Encourage your family member to be proactive with their DUI.


Tell your loved one the benefits of completing an alcohol evaluation or taking alcoholic prevention/awareness classes. Consider attending AA meetings with them, if needed. Help them evaluate if a deeper problem exists versus one bad decision and encourage them to get help.


Taking these steps before a scheduled court date and before ordered to by a judge, shows commitment and a desire to prevent a DUI from happening again.


Helping, not enabling someone with a DUI.


The best support you can give your loved one is by helping them not do it again. Make sure they understand the dangers of drinking and driving.


It is important to love and support them through their DUI process. However, be careful to not enable them. They will learn their lesson best when they have to pay their own fines and face their consequences.


Remember, bad decisions don’t make a bad person. You can support them and love them through this process by showing them that you care.

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