Types of Court

Typically, you are required to appear in the District Court where your charge was issued. MyDUISolution.com strongly recommends finding an experienced DUI lawyer.

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A DUI charge is considered a criminal offense, so your case will be heard in a criminal court.


If the result of your DUI caused personal injury or property damage to other individuals, your case may also be heard in civil court in addition to criminal court. Civil court is for cases where the prosecution seeks financial compensation for the physical, emotional and professional damage caused from the DUI incident.


You will also have a hearing at the Department of Motor Vehicles or other administrative court where sanctions and license suspension/revocation are determined.

What  You Need To Know


  • Most courts do not communicate with each other, so it is up to you to have a good understanding of what to do and when to do it.
  • Understand the conditions of your charge so you know which court you will appear in for your different hearings.
  • If you face a civil lawsuit from an injured party seeking financial compensation, an experienced trial lawyer knows the process and may help you avoid being taken advantage of financially.
  • In civil court & administrative court there is no obligation from the court to supply a public defender so having an attorney is up to you to obtain on your own.
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