All types of DUIs come with significant repercussions no matter where you live. The specific consequences of each case depend on your intoxication level, the severity of the crime that led to arrest and that state’s specific DUI laws.

One of the first questions people ask after receiving a DUI is will I lose the right to drive and for how long? For many people, driving to and from work is non-negotiable, not to mention adding all the hearings and other requirements added to your schedule because of the DUI. Your first and best defense is to go immediately after receiving a ticket and begin researching lawyers and other resources that are relevant to the details of your situation.

While searching for the best legal representation for your case, you should also take note of the following need to knows, regarding license suspension due to a DUI.

Do I lose my driver’s license immediately after a DUI?

The answer is yes. In most DUI situations, the arresting officer confiscates the driver’s license during the ticket/arrest. In many states, the officer will issue you a temporary 7 to 10-day permit. Take note that your driver’s license is automatically suspended when that permit ends.

Can I slow down the suspension process?

In many states, yes. Check to see if you are eligible to request a formal review hearing (FRH) with the Administrative Court of your Motor Vehicle Division. Many times these hearings will result in a temporary permit that will allow you to drive until the state proves the guilt of your DUI charge. If the FRH is not filed within the 7 to10 day window period, the license will automatically become suspended.

How long will my license be suspended?

Depending on your State’s MVD rules you can face license suspension for as little as 45 days all the way up to 1 year for your first DUI. Multiple offenses add a significant time of lost driving privileges and additional requirements to reinstate.

When can I get my license reinstated?

In order to get your license reinstated, you must pay all outstanding court fines and costs; complete all court-issued classes and counseling, and provide the MVD with documents required to show completion. In addition to satisfying the State Court, you also will have a series of additional steps and penalties that will be required by the MVD before reinstatement. Most States require a Traffic Survival Class or Drug and Alcohol Class/Counseling, along with the installation of the Ignition Interlock and SR-22 insurance.  

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