Compliance Monitoring Systems, LLC.

Compliance Monitoring Systems

Compliance Monitoring Systems (CMS), LLC. is the premier state-wide service provider in Montana for cost effective electronic monitoring, alcohol monitoring, home detention, drug testing, and pretrial services. CMS is the leader in the most accurate and innovative technology operable in Montana. CMS is the largest SCRAM Systems service provider in Montana, providing over 50% of SCRAM services throughout the state. We offer alcohol monitoring (SCRAM CAM) for high-risk offenders that is both evidence based and court accepted, as well as alcohol monitoring for low-risk individuals through SCRAM Remote Breath testing.

CMS also is a provider for the Attorney General’s 24x7 Sobriety Program, whereby SCRAM CAM is one of the two approved methods of alcohol testing. CMS also provides GPS tracking and formal house arrest, an on-site urinalysis lab, and is a local distributor for the PharmChem Drugs of Abuse Sweat Patch.

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