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Quick Start Ignition Interlock

Quick Start - Arizona's Leading Provider of Ignition Interlocks

QuickStart is an MVD approved, leading provider of Ignition Interlock services in Arizona. 
We understand the challenges of getting a DUI and the frustration involved with trying to get through the post DUI process. 
We take a consultive approach so that you can navigate through the process .
At QuickStart our customer service team is here to help and will give you the respect you deserve.
*Affordable Monthly Payments (Transparent Pricing)
*Easy To Use
*Discrete InterlockCup
(Avoid the embarrasement of an interlock)
*No 3rd Party Contractors (Interlocks are our specialty)
*Locally Owned and Operated
*Consultive Approach
*Unparraled Customer Service
*Reliable in extreme weather conditions

Call us first so you can make an informed decision!!!
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