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Meet Southern California Attorney Zack McCready

Formerly with the Los Angeles Police Department for 8 years, Zack McCready began Law School in 2002 due to his motivation to help individuals charged with a wide variety of criminal conduct.

Mr. McCready is a highly professional and skilled Criminal Defense Lawyer who has earned a reputation for excellence within the legal community.

In addition to his experience as a Law Officer and Attorney, Lawyer Zachary McCready served one year as a liaison officer as part of the CivPol Mission in Iraq. Mr. McCready acted as a liaison between the State Department and the Iraqi Police.

While an officer with the LAPD, Zack McCready received extensive training in accident reconstruction, signs of intoxication, 4th Amendment Search & Seizure policies, and the use of police force.

He is a seasoned trial attorney with a record of success, extensive experience with both jury and bench trials, arbitration, and is an expert in the field of administering standardized field sobriety tests.

If you or someone you love is either under investigation by a police agency or have been placed under arrest, please contact McCready Law Group to set up a free consultation.

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