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Malcolm Anthony, P. A.

Defending the Constitution for over 30 years.

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious crime.

If you are arrested and found guilty, the law requires, among other things, that you be convicted, you will lose your license, you will be fined, and the court could put you in jail.

Choosing the right DUI Lawyer can determine the outcome of your case and potentially your future.

Your Criminal Defense Lawyer - Malcolm Anthony

Malcolm is a seasoned attorney with a high success rate in DUIs and license offenses in Florida.

He has a long-running relationship with St. Johns and Duval county law enforcement and court systems that has served his clients and their cases well.

Malcolm is passionate about upholding the rights of his clients and their needs, while defending and protecting their privacy and reputation all with the utmost integrity.

Choose Malcolm Anthony as your DUI defense lawyer and you can rest assured that you will receive the benefit of Malcolm’s 25 years of DUI defense experience and thousands of DUI trials.

You will get peace of mind with Malcolm Anthony as your Florida lawyer.

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