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Get a Quote today to take advantage of our MyDUISolution Discount

Get a Quote today to take advantage of our MyDUISolution Discount and receive 10% off your Screening!!!!

  • Court mandated DUI/Drug Screening
  • Court Required Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Arizona "Level II" Substance Abuse Education
  • MVD Evaluation and License Revocation Packet
  • Individual or Group Counseling

At Dynamic Living Counseling (DLC), our goal is to help you successfully get through the DUI process and our caring staff will assist you with every step of the process  

DLC's approach is more than simply "checking a box" for our clients.  We know this is a difficult time and clients often walk in our door with a variety of stressful life circumstances in addition to their DUI.  Our team of highly skilled, compassionate counselors take pride in working with clients to create positive and meaningful change.  In addition to substance abuse, our counselors are trained in areas such as loss & grief, trauma, anxiety, depression, stress management, anger management, family of origin issues, etc.  Our DLC counseling team considers all aspects of what a client may be facing in life when working with them during this process.   

At DLC, we understand that the DUI process can be a confusing one.  From your screening through completion of the program, our administrative team will guide you through each step of the process and assist you in knowing what to expect.  DLC will ensure that all of your paperwork is sent to the proper person(s) so you have one less thing to worry about.  

We want you to be an informed consumer and here at DLC, we believe that we offer the best possible service.  We invite you to contact us anytime with questions or to receive more information. 

Please note:  Because of the information required for an MVD Evaluation and license revocation packet, DLC strongly encourages all clients who need to have their license reinstated to contact DLC's office prior to making an appointment for this purpose.


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