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DUI Defense Plan

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From the moment a DUI traffic stop is initiated a prosecution process is set into motion.  You are on the clock and information is the key at this time.  In addition to documenting the events surrounding your ticketing, know the specific charge and the potential penalties.  DUI conviction penalties usually include the loss of driving privileges and jail time.  In addition to the minimum sentencing requirements, many professions require notice of criminal convictions.  How you defend yourself, your plea, sentencing arrangement and completion of potential penalties will likely have an impact on your career and life for a very long time.  Knowledge, experience and follow through are the keys to a good defense.   This defense should not end until the charges against you are dropped, you are found innocent or you have completed all the sentenced requirements.

Things that Matter:

  • The details that occurred before and during your traffic stop.
  • While you are innocent until proven guilty, you may not have much time, in most states license suspensions go into effect within 10 days of ticketing if you do nothing.
  • Do you have the funds to pay for your defense and potential penalties within the time frame you need them?

Helpful Hints:

Since each DUI is unique and the penalties severe, you should consider legal representation, even if you have a familiarity with the law, the legal and administrative processes.  Knowing the particular charges you are faced with and the minimum sentencing requirements will help you assess the value of a lawyer, the resources required to fulfill potential penalties and guide you toward a defense strategy (i.e. aggressive defense, other plea bargain or specific bargaining of sentencing requirements)

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