Alcohol Monitoring

You may be required to wear an alcohol monitoring anklet or use a home breathalyzer.

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What to Expect

  • Some probation conditions may require you to remain alcohol/drug free for the duration of your sentence.
  • You may be required to pay for costs associated with these services.
  • You may be required to meet regularly with your probation officer.

Alcohol Monitoring FAQs

How does alcohol monitoring work?

In most cases, you will either be required to wear an alcohol monitoring anklet or blow into a home or mobile breathalyzer at set times to report your BAC to your probation officer. 

Do I have to pay for alcohol monitoring?  

You may be responsible for costs related to alcohol monitoring. Use our marketplace to find financial providers in your area. 

What happens if I don’t meet my alcohol monitoring requirements?

Tampering with the monitoring device, failing to provide a sample, drinking alcohol or taking prohibited substances will result in more severe punishments or extended sentences.

Will I have to wear a GPS device?

It is very likely. More often than not, when serving an alcohol monitoring sentence, you will be required to wear a GPS device that monitors your movements.

Is alcohol monitoring a requirement of home detention?

Alcohol monitoring is not always a requirement of home detention. It will depend on your individual sentencing.