You may be required to attend education, treatment or DUI classes depending on your state’s requirements.

DUI Checklist

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What to Expect

  • Most states require the counseling programs to be certified for a DUI penalty.
  • Potential requirements may include: DUI classes, a medical detox program, an outpatient alcohol recovery program, an inpatient alcohol recovery program and/or a community support group like Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • A qualified provider can help you meet your state’s counseling or screening requirement.

Counseling FAQs

What is behavioral screening?

A mandatory behavioral screening may be required by your state. Behavioral screening is a professional interview that determines the amount of treatment hours that you’ll be required to complete.

If I get a DUI, do I have to go to rehab?

Your legal counsel may ask you to voluntarily enroll in a certified rehabilitation program before your scheduled court date. This will provide your attorney with information to help plead your case, which may result in a less serious sentence.

Can I use the same provider for both screening and treatment?

Most counseling agencies perform screenings, but you are not normally required to use the same company for both the screening and treatment.

Where do I attend DUI education classes?

Use our marketplace to find DUI schools in your area.

How do I choose a rehab center?

Use our marketplace to find alcohol recovery services in your area.