Depending on the ticketing city or county, your vehicle was either driven by an officer to the police station or towed to an impound yard.

DUI Checklist

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What to Expect

  • You are responsible for picking up your car at the station or paying the associated fees to get it from the impound lot.
  • In some cases, you will be required to have a hearing for approval to have your vehicle released to you.

Towing FAQs

Who arranges the hearing to have my car released?

The police station that ordered the impound will arrange the hearing if required. 

Do I have to pay for towing fees?  

Fees add up quickly. If unpaid, many states allow for the impound yard to claim the title to your car to offset unpaid fees. Ask for key dates if such rules apply to you.

What if the police don’t tow my car?

If impound is not required, you can arrange to have your vehicle towed yourself. It is usually less expensive than the impound and towing rates arranged by the police.

What do I do if my car has been impounded?

If your car has been impounded, it is your responsibility to ask for all requirements needed to access or regain possession of your vehicle.