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Driver License Suspension/Revocation

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While both Suspension and Revocation ultimately mean the loss of your driving privileges they are different in many ways.

A Suspension of your driver license is a temporary sanction taking away your privilege to drive for a set period. The typical length of the suspension is 30 to 90 days. Once the suspension is complete, under normal circumstances, you may apply to get your license back.

A Revocation of your license is the permanent seizure of your driving privileges. Revocation is different than a suspension due to the length of time you are unable to drive and that your license cannot be reinstated without certain penalties completed or with restrictions in place, proper documentation, and approval from the governing agency. The typical length of a Revocation is over one year.

During Suspension or Revocation, you are not legally allowed to operate any motor vehicle.  If you are caught doing so, the consequences can be severe.

Things that Matter:

  • Driving during a revocation or suspension can result in criminal charges, jail time, vehicle impound, increase in suspension or revocation period, increased fines and penalties
  • Know all the dates around the start and length of any suspension or revocation. Most DUI tickets are issued with a suspension automatically starting within days.
  • Reinstatement usually requires a process and additional restrictions, understand those and be ready to pay application, documentation and reinstatement fees.

Helpful Tips:

Pre-Arrange Alternative Transportation for the duration of your loss of Driving Privileges. The consequences of driving without a license are severe and will cause personal and financial hardships.

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