Ridesharing Services May Be Causing Decline in California DUI Arrests

August 7, 2018

Decline in California DUI Arrests

Arrests for drunk driving in many of California’s major cities dropped in 2016 when compared with data from the previous year. Law enforcement agencies and data collected by ridesharing agencies such as Uber and Lyft  point to the fact that these services are helping reduce DUI arrest rates.

The University of California, along with the Moll Law Group conducted a study and found that DUI arrests in five major California cities dropped from 14-32 percent in those cities.

The drop by city included:

  • San Diego: 32%
  • San Jose: 28%
  • Sacramento: 26%
  • Los Angeles: 14%
  • San Francisco/Oakland: 14%

Law enforcement agencies also back up these claims by stating that they see more and more intoxicated riders using ridesharing programs coming through DUI checkpoint.  Studies of ridesharing users have shown that the second-leading reason to use a ridesharing service was because of having too much to drink.

Ridesharing services hit peak popularity among their users on Friday and Saturday nights, two of the most popular nights when people are going out and having a few drinks. This also points to the fact that it may be ridesharing services that are helping with the decrease in DUI arrests.

Whatever is causing a decline in California DUI arrests, it’s a step in the right direction. This study

shows that are people becoming more aware of the dangers of drinking and driving, and the impact that drunk driving  can have on not just them, but everyone around them (learn more about MADD Victim Impact Panels).

This data may also contribute to stricter drinking and driving laws in California, an idea that has generated a lot of buzz the last few years. California lawmakers have been considering lowering the blood alcohol limit to 0.04 percent, half of the 0.08 percent it currently is.

We are here to be part of the solution. To enable safer streets, safer families, safer communities. If you or someone you know has been ticketed with a DUI, check our resource library, and connect with service providers today to complete penalties.

Original Source: National Motorist Association Blog