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Should you hire a local vs. national DUI attorney?

May 6, 2019

If you have a DUI, one of the first steps to take is to find a good DUI attorney. What if you’ve been arrested in a different state? Is a large, national attorney better than a local one? You need someone to help you understand your charges, prepare for court and help you with any penalties you are facing. But where do you begin your search?


Look local!

Because DUI laws vary by state, it is important to find a local DUI attorney to help you with the process. Instead of hiring a national attorney you may never see face-to-face, hire someone you can meet with who knows the laws in your state.




Search for attorneys in your area now!


Additionally, local DUI attorneys will be very familiar with the DUI procedures where you were arrested. In most cases, they know the local judges, police officers and court employees. They can best prepare you for what you might expect at court and what your penalties might me.


Arrested for a DUI in another state?


If you got a DUI in another state, it is best to hire a DUI attorney located in the state where you were charged. They will have better knowledge of local laws and the DUI process in that state.


In some cases, a local DUI attorney can go to your hearing for you and you may be able to avoid returning to that state for court. In addition to hiring an out-of-state lawyer, you may want to also consult with a lawyer local to you.

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