Thank you for becoming part of the solution!

Thank you for applying to become a MyDUISolution Qualified Provider.


One of our Provider Liaisons is currently reviewing your application and will contact you with any questions we may have. Your Provider Liaison is there to help maximize your business on MyDUISolution.


Once you are approved as a Qualified Provider, you can sign in and start building your listing page.


You can choose to establish click to call (C2C), redirect to your website and/or solicit quote requests conveniently through your MyDUISolution listing.  When soliciting quotes, you can manage quote requests, accept clients and much more through the Provider Portal.


Provider Boarding Process

  1. Sign into the Provider Portal to create and control your message via your Listing Page.
  2. Choose Client connection methods (C2C, website, quotes).
  3. Receive calls/inquires and respond to prospective Clients.
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 to grow your business!


MyDUISolution is a digital marketplace that connects people who have been ticketed or convicted of DUI with needed information and providers.


MyDUISolution enables you, the Provider, to present your services in the Marketplace via a customized listing page and a promotional web banner. Potential clients within your service area(s) are able to review your listing, then quickly and conveniently contact you to complete their search for the right provider.

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