The Difference Between License Suspension and License Revocation

April 6, 2018

Going through a DUI can be very confusing and can raise many questions that quickly become concerns.

We are here to help you answer some of those questions. This blog post will help you understand the difference between a Suspension and Revocation of your driver’s license after receiving a DUI ticket.

Upon getting a DUI, your license will most likely either be suspended or revoked.

While very similar, there is a difference between these two terms.

A license suspension means that your driving privileges are temporarily taken away and you are not legally allowed to drive a vehicle during that time. A license suspension also means that there is a beginning and an end date to the suspension and you cannot reinstate your driver’s license until this time period is over. Often there are actions you must take before you can reinstate, like paying traffic fines, going to traffic or DUI school, obtaining SR22 insurance, installing an ignition interlock, etc. There is usually a reinstatement fee you must pay to get your license reinstated as well.

A revocation of a driver’s license means that your driving privileges have been permanently seized and requires many more steps before it can be reinstated. Usually, your license only gets revoked in more serious DUI cases or if you have been convicted of multiple DUIs or other criminal traffic violations. There is a process you must go through in order to get a license again that varies by state but typically, you must request approval from your states Motor Vehicle Division, do all the items required for a suspension and much more, like getting signoffs showing substance abuse treatment completed, jail time done, court fines paid, and community service has been completed, etc.

Driving on a suspended or revoked license is something you definitely DO NOT want to do as there are serious consequences involved such as criminal charges, vehicle impound, jail time, and more fines and penalties. It is highly recommended that you arrange for alternative transportation through a reliable transportation service so the temptation to drive anywhere is avoided.

*Helpful tip: Solely asking family and friends and family for rides is not the best idea as this isn’t reliable and will eventually leave you stranded or finding yourself driving illegally. You DO have other options, the MyDUISolution Marketplace has discounts available from many major transportation companies. Also in the Marketplace you can connect, compare and secure all the other services you will need to successfully reinstate your Driver’s License like;

  • Finding an attorney
  • Ignition interlock provider
  • SR22 insurance coverage
  • Traffic or DUI school provider
  • Financing
  • And much more

Most if not all of these things will be needed either during or after the license suspension or revocation period to get you back on the road legally. It is important to keep track of the dates, appointments, and steps needed while dealing with your license suspension or revocation and throughout your entire DUI. Keeping a calendar or notebook with all this information can be very helpful to keep you on track during this lengthy process.