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Alternative transportation may not be expensive. In some cases, it is less than the total cost of ownership (depreciation, registration & insurance) and operation (gas, maintenance & repairs) of your car. It’s definitely less expense than the penalties for driving on a suspended or revoked license.

Things that matter:

  • Driving without a license is a criminal offense, meaning jail time, and vehicle impound.
  • Know your options for alternative transportation such as
    • Mass Public Transportation- bus, train or subway
    • Point to Point- Dial-a-Ride
    • Ride Share and Taxis

Helpful Tip:

Do not depend entirely on family or friends for transportation.

Have alternative transportation scheduled, including a plan for unexpected trips such as to the grocery and pharmacy.

What’s Next?

Find alternative transportation.
Find an attorney.
Get financing.
Find insurance coverage.
Find an ignition interlock company.
Find a DUI traffic school.