DUI education class

What are DUI education classes like?

April 4, 2019

Well, it happened. DUIs suck and now you know why. The court has ordered you to take DUI education classes, but what is it going to be like? Is the guy next to you an alcoholic, or just left a business dinner after one too many? Will they be people like you?

Typically, if you ever want to drive again (and sometimes, even if you don’t), the court will require you to take some form of DUI education course, or addiction treatment. The exact penalty depends on your evaluation results. Each state determines their own laws concerning DUIs.

Note: Before enrolling in DUI education classes, or “DUI school,” most states require that the you meet with a screener or counselor for an evaluation. Basically, the screening is to determine if you have a drinking problem or alcohol abuse is present and how many hours of treatment you’ll need. Always check with an attorney that specializes in DUIs before enrolling in an program.

What are the classes like?

DUI education classes are typically 16-36 hours, spread over several weekends and include drunk driving prevention education and an assessment of your drinking habits. The type of class you are assigned to and its length depends on how long you’ve been using drugs or alcohol, and how severe your DUI was.  No matter what, you learn more about DUIs than you ever expected or wanted.

Shorter courses, around 16 hours, include DUI anecdotes, and drinking and driving statistics. You’ll typically be able to leave without submitting any tests or follow-ups. For more complicated DUI cases, the education classes will be longer and have random or regular drug and alcohol testing. You’ll be required to be sober for the duration of the classes. Failure to show up on time could come with consequences as well. Heads-up: The people who teach these classes won’t have a lot of tolerance for disrespect, latecomers and rule breakers.

You’ll cover how to make better choices after drinking; understanding different alcohol impairment levels; myths about impairment; how to maintain responsible use of alcohol; and thinking errors that lead to DUI consequences.

Think ahead! You may need to arrange child care and alternate transportation if your license has been revoked. Remember, if you fail to attend your class, you could face probation or time in jail.

The Benefits

You’re already in this DUI thing, so you may as well learn what you can. The education classes show you how to avoid future DUIs, and usually some material that shows what alcohol does to your body. Typically, representatives from groups like MADD and AA will speak to you about your choices and how you can get involved in a local chapter, if needed. Most people walk away with new knowledge from the startling facts and figures about how dangerous driving under the influence can be. DUI education classes are different from defensive driving classes. So, make no mistake: you’re going to pay a lot more for these classes, but they may not be as dry as you think.

Need help?

We are here. We can help you find the right attorney, financial provider, insurance, counseling and more. Just visit myduisolution.com. There are many resources dedicated to helping you stay safe and recover. If you or someone you know needs help with addiction, locate an AA Group here.