police lights DUI ticket

What happens after a DUI citation?

May 27, 2019

So, you have a DUI ticket. Unfortunately, some of the terms on the ticket are confusing and it may be hard to understand what penalties you might be facing.

Arizona is considered a no-tolerance state for DUIs. There are also different types of DUI charges in Arizona. Because of this, your citation can be confusing. You need an experienced DUI attorney to help you understand your ticket.


What is on your ticket?

Your citation lists the DUI charge against you. You also received a notice to appear in court for your arraignment. This will be when you appear before a judge.

You may also have had your license revoked by the police officer. If this happened, you received an affidavit of suspension. This form tells you how to regain your driving privileges at the MVD by requesting a hearing to challenge your suspension. In Arizona, it is important this paperwork is submitted within 15 days or the suspension automatically goes into effect. An experienced DUI attorney can help you with this process.


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The first thing to do

Whether this is your first citation, or you have had previous convictions, a good DUI attorney will help you know what to expect in court.

 After receiving your citation, the first thing to do is contact am experienced DUI attorney that has a full understanding of DUI laws and penalties. They should offer free consultations and help you understand your citation. A good DUI attorney will know how to best prepare you for arraignment. They will also explain penalties you may be facing. In addition to this, they will help you at the hearing to get back your driver’s license and help you obtain your police report.


What’s next?

In Arizona, you will most likely first see the DUI police report at your arraignment. It is also something your DUI attorney can request for you. The police report lists any tests performed during an arrest. Most importantly, it will have results of a field sobriety test, a breathalyzer test, and any lab reports. It also has the officer’s account of the arrest. This may be the most important document of your case because it is the evidence that will be presented against you in court. It’s always important to keep all the documents you receive together and handy throughout your court process.

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