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In most states, once convicted of a DUI behavioral screening is used to determine if follow-up treatment and/or education is necessary. These mandatory screenings involve a face-to-face interview that is conducted by a behavioral health professional or technician. The suggestion for treatment is based entirely on the information and results that are gathered from the alcohol screening usually resulting in required enrolment in an alcohol rehabilitation program. If you are found to have a problem with alcohol, you may be required to attend a combination of the following: a medical detox program, outpatient alcohol recovery program, an inpatient alcohol recovery program and/or a community support group (AA).


Things that Matter:

  • Most counseling agencies also perform the screening, however most states do not require you use the same counseling service that conducted your screening.
  • During the interview, you will be asked to disclose any information relating to your history with alcohol use and any prior related incidents.
  • Most states require the counseling programs to be certified for DUI penalty.
  • Legal consequences can arise if you fail to participate in court mandated orders


Helpful Hints:

Make sure that the service you choose is approved for treatment for DUI’s. Sometimes your legal counsel will request that you voluntarily enroll in a certified rehabilitation program before your scheduled court date. This will provide your attorney with information to help plead your case, which may result in a less serious sentence.

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