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A common penalty associated with a DUI conviction is probation. While the probation conditions for DUI convictions vary from state to state, the main components that are typically involved in the probation period are: suspension of driver’s license, device to monitor your drinking, counseling, random drug testing, fines, regular and random meetings with your probation officer (PO) and more. Failure to follow the conditions set forth by the court can result in the extension of probation, jail time or possibly altogether new charges.

Things that Matter:

  • Failing to adhere to the restrictions set forth by your probation officer can put you in jail.
  • Random drug testing is common, as well as other BAC monitoring.
  • Your probation officer is in control of what additional monitoring you will be required to do.

Helpful Hints:

Be polite to your PO, such as saying “yes sir” or “yes ma’am”.  Ask your PO up front what they expect from you, write it down and review regularly throughout your probation time.  Follow the conditions set forth by the court; be on your best behavior always and you will get your life back as soon as possible.

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