What Records Do I Get After I’m Arrested for a DUI?

December 20, 2017

Records can make or break a job application, credit application, and many other important life events. If you’ve been arrested for a DUI, we’d like to go over some of the records you may have to deal with, just keep in mind that laws may differ from state to state.

Arrest Records By Type:

1. Arrest Records (Type of Record)

Often, whenever someone is arrested, the arresting officers’ arrest report becomes an arrest record. This information usually looks like this.

Public Records: In most states, Arrest Records are considered Public Records. Depending on what city or state you were arrested in, your Arrest Records could be on up to 20 different websites.

Background Check Records: Arrest Records always go into Background Check Databases.

2. DMV Hearing Record (Type of Record)

If you don’t know, 9/10 people lose the DMV Hearing which usually results in a restricted license. These Records can be found by doing a driving record report.

3. Driving Record (Type of Record)

Once you’re arrested for a DUI, your driving record report will show the DUI Arrest and sometimes the DMV Administrative Hearing. This record may also show the restricted license.

4. Court Record (Type of Record)

Depending on your case outcome, your Court Record is going to reflect a conviction, a dismissal or somewhere in between. Sometimes a lawyer will suggest you plead guilty to a “wet wreckless” (Common DUI Plea Bargain) which is not the same as a DUI. However a wet wreckless will still yield a court record showing you had a wet wreckless. This record is also available on background check databases.

Where can these records be found?

1.    Background Checks

The first thing you should know about background checks is that all background checks aren’t created equally. To help understand the difference, we break it down by background check levels.

95% of all Background Checks done today are Level 1. Why? The Answer is simple, usually, cost.

Level 1 Background Check – A private company that does not interact with the DMV/Court Record archives and stores its information based on public records available. This background check can run between $9.99-$59.99

Some examples are: Been Verified, Instant Checkmate, Spokeo, etc.

5% of all Background Checks done today are Level 2.

Level 2 Background Check – – A private company that does interact with the DMV/Court Record archives and stores its information based on current DMV/Court Records. This background check can run between $199.99-$299.99

Some examples are: Checkr, HireRight, etc.

Why do companies pay for Level 2 Background Checks?

Companies that pay for the expensive background checks are usually required to by law, otherwise, they would spend less if they could. There are a few types of businesses that are required by law to pay for an advanced background check, here are some relevant industries:

1.    Financial Industry – Banking, Investments, etc.

2.    Medical Industry – MD’s, RN’s, etc.

3.    Schools – Most jobs that require you to work with children.

4.    Driving – Uber, Lyft, etc.

Online Arrest Records – Public Domain

As previously stated, depending on the state, Arrest Records may become Public Record. A few major websites may publish your Arrest Record online, which gets syndicated to other websites based the city or state you were arrested in.

Here’s an Example

Local Crime News got the record from the police report. Now that this arrest record is live online, other websites republish the arrest record as well, depending on the county of arrest, it could be up to 20+ websites.

So which records can be removed?

Great Question! Here are the records that can be removed:

A qualified Online Reputation Management Company can remove:

  1. Online Arrest Records and Mugshots (Clean Google Search)
  2. Records from Level 1 Background Check (Clean Background Check)

A qualified Criminal Defense Attorney with experience in Expungement and Record Sealing can remove:

  1. Official Court Records
  2. Official DMV Records

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