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Towing – Impound

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Often your vehicle will be towed to an impound yard when you are arrested for a DUI charge.  Depending on the ticketing city or county, your vehicle may be officer driven or towed back to the police station where you can arrange for a friend or family member to pick it up.  If you are unable to make arrangements to have your car picked up, it may be towed to an impoundment lot and you will be responsible for paying the associated fees to get your car back.

Things that Matter:

  • You are financially responsible for the cost of towing and/or impound of your vehicle.
  • In some cases, you will be required to have a hearing through the police station that ordered the impound for approval to have your vehicle released to you.

Helpful Hint:

If impound is not required, arrange the towing of your vehicle yourself.  The cost of towing your car home is likely less expensive than the impound and towing rates if arranged by the police.
If impounded, make sure you contact the impound yard and ask for all requirements needed to access or regain possession of your vehicle.  Have all requirements completed before attempting to retrieve belongings or claim your vehicle.

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