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What to look for in a DUI attorney

February 21, 2019

So, you have a few attorneys you want to know more about, now what? DUIs aren’t like any other cases, so finding an attorney that specializes in DUI law is key. But what do you look for in a DUI attorney? First, we always recommend you meet in-person for a free consultation. This meeting should help you decide which person you feel most comfortable with and who made you feel the most confident.

Don’t be shy with your DUI attorney.

Be open and honest with your attorney and give all the facts about your case so he or she can give you the best advice about how to proceed. This is their job! Let the attorney determine what is relevant to your case and defense.

Bring all the documents you have from your arrest. The attorney will need the police report, DMV letters and all other documents related to the DUI. Oh, and bring something to take notes on. You’re going to be given a lot of information, so write it all down. If you’re meeting with more than one attorney, you’ll want to look at those notes to make sure you’re making the right choice for your case.

Ask questions of your DUI attorney.

Ask the attorney to talk about his or her success rate, how many cases he or she has handled, how many were brought to trial, and how many have been dismissed. No attorney can guarantee you a certain outcome, so be cautious of anyone who makes those promises.

In some cases, like with The Law Office of Donald R. Hammond in California, DUI attorneys will have above and beyond qualifications that really make sense when you’re hiring someone. For example, he has had the same DUI investigation training as the police are supposed to have. He has all their training manuals too. Hammond’s goal is accountability; so, he’ll know if the officers didn’t do something right during your arrest. In addition, some attorneys may have Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE) training. Hammond also has police equipment, such as breath testing machines, at his office.

Note: The attorney you meet with may not be the one who actually handles your case. This is common, but you will want to meet the attorney handling your case, so you gauge whether you feel comfortable with him or her as well. Ask who will handle the case in court if it goes that far.

Understand the strategy.

It is important that you leave your consultation with a solid understanding of the DUI attorney’s strategy for handling your case. If you don’t understand something, ask! You’re looking for someone who makes you feel comfortable and who listens. You also want an attorney that can explains things clearly and patiently. Do you feel confident in their abilities or were they rather vague when answering your questions? It all boils down to trust. Don’t hesitate to look at online reviews too!

Need help?

We are here. We can help you find the right attorney, financial provider, insurance, counseling and more. Just visit myduisolution.com. There are many resources dedicated to helping you stay safe and recover. If you or someone you know needs help with addiction, locate an AA Group here.